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Law Related Education

Law related education (LRE) teaches young people about:

  1. their own legal rights and responsibilities;
  2. local, state and national legal and political systems
  3. community participation and civic values

National research indicates law-related education programs, when properly conducted, reduce tendencies toward delinquent behavior and improve a range of student attitudes concerning responsible citizenship and conflict resolution

The Rhode Island Bar Association is dedicated to helping Rhode Island teachers interest in law related education by providing volunteer lawyers for classroom presentations and as educational resources and by developing law-related classroom lesson plans. Most often, the Bar's volunteer lawyers and classroom lessons are presented in the context of standard courses and/or extracurricular programs including, but not limited to, History, English, Government, Civics, and Debate.

The Rhode Island Bar Association's Center for Legal Education and Public Interest provides information about the Bar's and other organization's law related education programming, training initiatives, and expansion and improvement of public service. Current and accessible information concerning state and national LRE information and programming is available by clicking the links below. We invite you to look further.