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CLE Program Proposal

The CLE Committee of the Rhode Island Bar Association is committed to presenting a curriculum that will integrate substantive areas of law with practical training and skills to the members of the Bar.
The CLE Committee encourages other Bar Committees and any member of the Bar to submit ideas and programs for presentation. When planning your topic, keep in mind the audience wants practical information that can be used in their everyday practice. Questions of theory are best left for discussion at committee meetings.
To aid anyone who would like to make a proposal for a Rhode Island Bar Association sponsored program, the committee provides the following guidelines:
1.      The Continuing Legal Education committee is the appropriate Rhode Island Bar Association committee to administer CLE programs and should be responsive to the needs and interests of the Rhode Island Bar Association members who desire further legal education.
2.      All members of the RIBA and all committees, through their chairs, are encouraged to submit proposals to the committee for new continuing legal education programs.
3.      Proposals for programs should be submitted to the RIBA Director of CLE, in writing, substantially in the form of the attached program proposal form.
4.      When planning all seminars, the CLE Committee will draw upon the expertise and shared knowledge of the members of the other committees of the RIBA, but will retain control over the content and faculty of any seminar.
5.      Whenever feasible and appropriate, the CLE Committee will endeavor to present programs on relatively short notice on topics of extremely high interest and relevance to the members of the Rhode Island Bar Association.

The questions below may help you organize your thoughts for this program
 and help you develop the program proposal and course outline.
·         New statutes? Landmark case? What is impact on an attorney's practice? In what situations will he/she have to do something different than before?
·         What skills will be acquired?
·         What problem solving techniques will be discussed or demonstrated?
·         What common pitfalls will this new knowledge help an attorney avoid? What ethical questions might come up?
·         What special knowledge will be gained?
·         What new income‑producing work will this help an attorney handle?
·         What other reasons and benefits can be given to attorneys who will spend time and money on this program?

Please click here to fill out and submit a RI Bar Association CLE Program Proposal form.

Please note: To have a non-Bar sponsored program accredited please contact the RI Supreme Court MCLE Commission at 222-4942, or click here to be directed to their website.