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Pro Bono Case of the Month

Pro Bono Cases of the Month
Pro Bono Cases of the Month reflect one or more of the many requests for help from clients in desperate need through the Rhode Island Bar Association’s Volunteer Lawyer Program (VLP), Elderly Program or U.S. Armed Forces Legal Services Project. VLP, funded through a grant from Rhode Island Legal Services, Inc. and the Rhode Island Bar Foundation, provides pro bono legal services to qualified low-income Rhode Islanders. Participating attorneys provide legal assistance, at no charge. The client’s income must qualify under federally regulated guidelines to receive pro bono assistance, and the case must fall under one of the areas of law handled by the VLP. Clients may be responsible for filing fees, court costs and other out-of-pocket expenses.

Program for the Elderly 
Providence, VGP Guardianship - The ward resides at Berkshire Place and has current DMAT and a volunteer guardian in place. If you would like to assist with this case, please contact Lawyer Referral Service & Elderly Pro Bono Program Coordinator, Elisa King at (401) 421-7799 or
Volunteer Lawyer Program
Guardianship, Pawtucket - Client who lives in Pawtucket would like to file for guardianship of her 15- year-old sister. The child’s father, who had full custody of the child, recently passed away. The child’s mother supports client taking guardianship of the child. Mother has never been able to take care of the child. If you would like to assist with this case, please contact Volunteer Lawyer Program Coordinator, John Ellis at 401-421-7758 or