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Generation Citizen

Generation Citizen

Generation Citizen ( is a civic education program in Rhode Island, working to engage young people in their communities in order to empower them to become engaged and effective citizens. Generation Citizen works with public and charter school partners in Providence and Pawtucket.

Generation Citizen teaches students the civic skills and knowledge they need to become successful citizens after they graduate. College volunteers are partnered with classroom teachers to implement the curriculum. During the ten-week program, students select an issue they see in their community, research and learn about the policy and service-based causes of that issue, and then design and implement an action plan to address the problem.  

In March and April, Generation Citizen classes will seek out resources from their communities for knowledge, expertise and information regarding their projects. Generation Citizen students, teachers and college volunteers will seek help from members of the Rhode Island Bar Association to advise them on their issues, research and future plans. By connecting to members of the Rhode Island Bar, students will be able to understand the legal background and context of their issues.  

Who do we contact: Tom Kerr-Vanderslice, Rhode Island Site Director at and (401) 595-7104

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