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Being a lawyer is a high-stress job. Our focus is always on the client’s problems and the “to do” list is ever growing.  However, in addition to serving our clients, we must also pay attention to our own mental, emotional, and physical health. There are many available resources to assist attorneys in doing just that.


Lawyers Helping Lawyers
Rhode Island Bar Association members and their dependents may receive free and confidential help, information, assessment and referral for personal concerns through the Lawyers Helping Lawyers Program.  Services are available through the Association’s contract with CorpCare and through the members of the Rhode Island Bar Association’s Lawyers Helping Lawyers Committee.

ABA Well-being Toolkit
Anne Brafford, JD, MAPP, Co-Founder of Aspire and the editor-in-chief of The Path to Lawyer Well-Being: Practical Recommendations for Positive Change has created the Well-Being Toolkit and filled with tools and guidance for legal employers who want to join the lawyer well-being movement. The Toolkit is designed provide attorneys with reasons for prioritizing lawyer well-being as well as strategies and resources for implementing a plan for positive change. The goal for this Toolkit is to help lawyers be their best as they carry out their critical roles contributing to the strength of our government, business sector, community safety, and individual lives.
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Phone Apps
S.A.M. (self help anxiety management)