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2021 Rhode Island Law Day Program Information

2021 Rhode Island Law Day Classroom Program & Essay Contest

On Rhode Island Law Day, thousands of Rhode Island students, teachers, judges and lawyers share important, timely and lively law related education lessons. This year’s Rhode Island Law Day is Friday, April 30, 2021. Rhode Island Law Day classroom program lessons are open to all public, independent, private, and parochial Rhode Island middle and upper schools’ 7th to 12th grade classes, and feature in-school, classroom period participation of a Rhode Island judge and lawyer team. To promote active student participation and the best possible educational experience, the Rhode Island Law Day classroom program topic choice focuses on an issue of direct relevance to students.

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American Society and the Rule of Law

The 2021 Rhode Island Law Day Program, to be held on Friday, April 30, 2021, American Society and the Rule of Lawreminds all of us that we the people share the responsibility to promote the rule of law, defend liberty, and pursue justice. The rule of law is a set of principles, or ideals, for ensuring an orderly and just society. Many countries throughout the world strive to uphold the rule of law where no one is above the law, everyone is treated equally under the law, everyone is held accountable to the same laws, there are clear and fair processes for enforcing laws, there is an independent judiciary, and human rights are guaranteed for all.


Online Background and Activity Information
Available classroom program material including recommended discussion points and lesson plans, as well as additional topic background information are available online by clicking here.  
(Please check back in April 2021 for more details)


2021 Hon. Francis J. Darigan, Jr. Rhode Island Law Day Essay Contest
The Rhode Island Judiciary, the Rhode Island Bar Association, and the Rhode Island Police Chief’s Association are pleased to announce the eighteenth annual 2021 Hon. Francis J. Darigan Jr. Rhode Island Law Day Essay Contest.  The Contest is open to all Rhode Island 10th, 11th, and 12th grade students attending school in Rhode Island, but only to those grades.  Through the generosity of the Rhode Island Bar Association and the Rhode Island Police Chiefs' Association, the winning essay author will receive a $1000 Scholastic Award and an engraved trophy cup.  The winner’s school receives a permanent plaque and the annual Law Day Essay Award Trophy to display until the next Contest.
A second place essay author will also be recognized with a $250 Scholastic Award donated by the Edward P. Gallogly Family Law Inn of Court.