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Street Law Partnership is a pilot program for the nationally recognized, teacher-tested, and classroom-proven Street Law program tailored specifically to Rhode Island. A number of Roger Williams University School of Law students are currently fulfilling their pro bono requirements by working directly with teachers and students on the Rhode Island Street Law pilot program. Volunteer attorneys will serve as professional legal resources for law students and teachers. The material and teaching methods for these Rhode Island Street Law programs is drawn directly from the Street Law curriculum. The curriculum emphasizes maximum direct student participation with a minimum of teacher, law student or lawyer involvement. Participation consists of telephone communication via telephone and email with law student and teacher team with one, or at most two, team meetings and one classroom visit during the year.

The Street Law Programs:

High school practical law elective courses: these courses in Rhode Island utilize the Street Law textbook and its web complement (
Landmark Supreme Court Cases – this is Street Law’s one-stop shopping site for teaching and learning about the US Supreme Court cases required in state social studies frameworks at


How to Contact: Street Law, 1010 Wayne Avenue, Suite 870, Silver Spring, MD 20910).

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