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  • Are you depressed?
  • Are you worried that you may be drinking too much?
  • Do you have marital problems?
  • Do you have elder care issues?
  • Are you concerned about a colleague?




Lawyers Helping Lawyers

Confidential Assistance
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A Rhode Island Bar Association Member Benefit

Rhode Island Bar Association members and their dependents may receive free and confidential help, information, assessment and referral for personal concerns through the Lawyers Helping Lawyers Program.  Services are available through the Association’s contract with Coastline Employee Assistance Program (Coastline EAP, formerly RIEAS) and through the members of the Rhode Island Bar Association’s Lawyers Helping Lawyers Committee. To discuss your concerns or those you may have about a colleague, you may call Coastline EAP, contact a Lawyers Helping Lawyers Committee member, or use both resources.

The Lawyers Helping Lawyers Committee members choose this volunteer assignment because they understand the issues and want to help their peers find answers and appropriate courses of action. Committee members listen to your concerns, share their experiences, and offer advice and support.

Coastline EAP (visit their website at provide health counselors to work with you to address your concerns. The professionals at Coastline EAP provide confidential consultation for a wide range of personal concerns including (but not limited to): balancing work and family, child and eldercare, depression, anxiety, domestic violence, aging, grief, career satisfaction, alcohol and substance abuse, and problem gambling.

Coastline EAP is a private, non-profit consulting service contracted by the Association to assist you at no charge.  They ensure confidentiality and protect your privacy. Working with Coastline EAP is easy. Simply pick up the telephone and call 1-800-445-1195 to arrange an appointment with a personal health care consultant. At your initial appointment, your Coastline EAP Consultant works with you to review your concerns and to develop a reasonable, and mutually agreed upon, course of action to address your issues.

Once you have decided on your action plan, your Coastline EAP Consultant helps match you with the right resources. If treatment is part of your plan, your Consultant draws on hundreds of skilled professionals and programs throughout Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

Coastline EAP Consultant services are completely free for you and your dependents. If you require the further services of private clinicians or treatment programs, your Consultant helps you choose services in accordance with your existing medical benefits. In most cases, your medical benefits will cover all or a significant portion of counseling or treatment costs. If your family member does not have medical coverage, Coastline EAP and the Rhode Island Bar Association will work to secure free services or negotiate sliding scale fees or extended payments to help eliminate or reduce financial barriers to better health.

Your privacy is protected.

Since the Rhode Island Bar Association’s confidential assistance program is self-referred, your privacy is protected. Your records are kept in locked files under the sole custody of Coastline EAP. Your express written permission is required to release any information. Coastline EAP follows all state and federal laws regarding confidentiality.

Lawyers Helping Lawyers Committee members provide assistance and support.

Before or during your contact with a Coastline EAP Case Manager, you may choose to seek peer assistance from a member of the Lawyers Helping Lawyers Committee. Peer attorneys lend an ear, share their experiences, and, if necessary, advise you on re-entering legal practice or accompany you to self-help meetings. Committee member attorneys have chosen this volunteer assignment because each has an understanding of impairments and a desire to help. 
Because of the sensitive nature of personal problems, attorneys in need are often reluctant to seek help. The Committee members have special knowledge to help their colleagues.  The program has a proven 25-year record of helping Rhode Island lawyers - confidentially and free of charge. We can help, but only if you contact us.  

When seeking assistance from a Committee member, your privacy and professional standing are protected by law. In 1991, the Rhode Island Supreme Court issued changes to the Rules of Professional Conduct, giving members of the Lawyers Helping Lawyers Committee immunity from suit, exception from the duty to disclose unprofessional conduct, and an obligation to confer with lawyers seeking help in confidence.

In 1995, the Supreme Court of Rhode Island authorized a disciplinary diversion program whereby some attorneys may seek treatment and avoid discipline if the attorney completes the prescribed program successfully. This program is run in conjunction with the Supreme Court Disciplinary Board.

Here is how to receive assistance. Whatever the problem, you do not have to manage alone.
Don't delay in calling while you are trying to decide whether things are bad enough. There is no need to risk your license, livelihood, reputation or family. You do not have to do it alone. If you, a friend or a colleague is in trouble, seeking professional help will make a difference. Once you have made the call, you have taken the first step. We will help you take it from there.

Coastline EAP
Main Rhode Island Office:
300 Centerville Road, Warwick and four other Rhode Island locations
web site:

You may telephone Coastline EAP and identify yourself as a Rhode Island Bar Association member seeking help. A Coastline EAP Case Manager will briefly discuss your concerns to determine if you are in a crisis situation and need immediate attention. If not, initial appointments are made within 24 to 48 hours at a location convenient to you.

To speak to a Coastline EAP Case Manager telephone:
1-800-445-1195 or 1-800-833-0453

Lawyers Helping Lawyers Committee Members Protect Your Privacy
Please contact us for strictly confidential, free, peer and professional assistance for your personal challenges.

  • Brian Adae, Esq. – (401) 831-3150
  • David N. Bazar, Esq. – (401) 437-4450
  • Neville J. Bedford, Esq. – (401) 348-6723
  • Susan Leach DeBlasio, Esq. – (401) 274-7200
  • Misty Delgado, Esq. – (401) 572-1464
  • Kathleen G. Di Muro, Esq. – (401) 944-3110
  • Christy B. Durant, Esq. – (401) 272-5300
  • Cassandra L. Feeney, Esq. – (401) 521-6100
  • Brian D. Fogarty, Esq. – (401) 821-9945
  • Jenna Giguere, Esq. – (401) 451-9193
  • Casey J. Lee, Esq. – (401) 400-4005
  • Alexandra L. Lister, Esq. – (401) 621-4140
  • Nicholas Trott Long, Esq. – (401) 351-5070 (Chairperson)
  • Genevieve M. Martin, Esq. – (401) 595-3024
  • Patricia A. McLaughlin, Esq. – (401) 996-6618
  • Henry S. Monti, Esq. – (401) 467-2300
  • Adrienne G. Southgate, Esq. – (401) 680-5331
  • Elizabeth Stone, Esq. – (401) 533-9524
  • Dana N. Weiner, Esq. – (401) 265-2751
  • Counselors at Coastline EAP – (401) 732-9444 or 800-445-1195

 All Contact Completely Confidential