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  • Are you depressed?
  • Are you worried that you may be drinking too much?
  • Do you have marital problems?
  • Do you have elder care issues?
  • Are you concerned about a colleague?




Lawyers Helping Lawyers

Confidential Assistance
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A Rhode Island Bar Association Member Benefit

Law Practice Management- FREE Consulting Service for Bar Members

Confidential assistance tailored to meet your needs.


Rhode Island Bar Association members and their dependents may receive free and confidential help, information, assessment and referral for personal concerns through the Lawyers Helping Lawyers Program.  Services are available through the Association’s contract with CorpCare, the Bar’s lawyer assistance program, and through the members of the Rhode Island Bar Association’s Lawyers Helping Lawyers Committee. To discuss your concerns or those you may have about a colleague, you may call CorpCare or contact a Lawyers Helping Lawyers Committee member or use both resources.

The Lawyers Helping Lawyers Committee members choose this volunteer assignment because they understand the issues and want to help their peers find answers and appropriate courses of action. Committee members listen to your concerns, share their experiences, and offer advice and support.

CorpCare Helpline

CorpCare is a consulting service contracted by the Association to assist you at no charge. They provide health counselors to work with you to address your concerns. The professionals at CorpCare provide confidential consultation for a wide range of personal concerns including (but not limited to): balancing work and family, child and eldercare, depression, anxiety, domestic violence, aging, grief, career satisfaction, alcohol and substance abuse, and problem gambling.

Everyone occasionally experiences problems. The CorpCare helpline provides counseling resources that quickly and professionally assist you in handling problems affecting your personal or work life. Why allow problems to weigh you down? Completely confidential help is just a call away. Counselors answer the phone 24/7 to provide immediate support and assistance. Simply pick up the telephone and call 866-482-8378 for confidential, round the clock support. Virtual telehealth consultations with a counselor are available upon request.

What Services Does the CorpCare Helpline Offer?

  • Up to eight professional and confidential counseling sessions
  • Work-life programs that include eldercare referrals, childcare referrals, and assistance with financial referrals
  • 24/7/365 availability of Master’s level therapists


CorpCare recently announced that they have expanded their provider network to include the BetterHelp platform. RIBA members still have the option to have in-person local counseling, or telehealth counseling with a local provider through the CorpCare network, but now, you also have the option of BetterHelp if you are interested in a digital platform. As always, CorpCare professionals are available via phone to talk with you, complete an intake, and connect callers with care – for any available benefit and all types of counseling. You now have the option to access counseling directly through the BetterHelp platform without having to call the CorpCare helpline. 

Click here to directly access the BetterHelp platform. When you arrive at the site, enter your information and search for Rhode Island Bar Association in the “Employer Name/Access Code” field. Once the correct place is selected, follow the prompts to get started. Members get access to video, phone, or chat messaging.

Life Advantage Online Resources

Online resources are also available to Rhode Island Bar members. Bar members can access these resources by visiting Client Resources | CorpCare Associates, Inc. ( and clicking on the Life Advantage button. On the next page, enter RIBALAP as the company username.

Life-advantage is CorpCare’s interactive service provider for work-life online services. Personal Advantage is an interactive resource available to help you and your family build resilience and get answers to all of life’s tough questions. Each day you are faced with events that can influence you, both personally and professionally. Whether it is a health, financial, legal, relationship, or emotional issue, the effects of that issue are felt in all areas of your life. To better prepare yourself for all the challenges you face, CorpCare in partnership with Life-Advantage compiled information to educate and enlighten you in all major life areas. Here are some highlights:

  • 20,000+ resources
  • Assessments, videos, quizzes, courses, articles, calculators, and more
  • Publishers include: Krames Staywell, NOLO Legal Press, NBC Universal, Educated Investor, Family IQ, LexisNexis Martindale-Hubbell, Financial Planning Association (FPA)
  • Resilience
  • Personal & Professional Growth
  • Emotional Wellbeing
  • Relationships
  • Finances
  • Calculators
  • Health
  • Recipes

Lawyers Helping Lawyers Committee members provide assistance and support.

Before or during your contact with a CorpCare counselor, you may choose to seek peer assistance from a member of the Lawyers Helping Lawyers Committee. Peer attorneys lend an ear, share their experiences, and, if necessary, advise you on re-entering legal practice or accompany you to self-help meetings. Committee member attorneys have chosen this volunteer assignment because each has an understanding of impairments and a desire to help. 

Because of the sensitive nature of personal problems, attorneys in need are often reluctant to seek help. The Committee members have special knowledge to help their colleagues.  The program has a proven 25-year record of helping Rhode Island lawyers - confidentially and free of charge. We can help, but only if you contact us.  

When seeking assistance from a Committee member, your privacy and professional standing are protected by law. In 1991, the Rhode Island Supreme Court issued changes to the Rules of Professional Conduct, giving members of the Lawyers Helping Lawyers Committee immunity from suit, exception from the duty to disclose unprofessional conduct, and an obligation to confer with lawyers seeking help in confidence.

In 1995, the Supreme Court of Rhode Island authorized a disciplinary diversion program whereby some attorneys may seek treatment and avoid discipline if the attorney completes the prescribed program successfully. This program is run in conjunction with the Supreme Court Disciplinary Board.

Whatever the problem, you do not have to manage alone. Don't delay in calling while you are trying to decide whether things are bad enough. There is no need to risk your license, livelihood, reputation or family. You do not have to do it alone. If you, a friend or a colleague is in trouble, seeking professional help will make a difference. Once you have made the call, you have taken the first step. We will help you take it from there.


Help is just a call away: 866-482-8378


Please click here to access the Lawyers Living Well page which provides a wide variety of resources to support lawyers and their families.

Lawyers Helping Lawyers Committee Members Protect Your Privacy

Please contact us for strictly confidential, free, peer and professional assistance for your personal challenges.               

  • Brian Adae, Esq. – (401) 831-3150
  • Donna M. Arciero, Esq. – (401) 248-9928
  • Judy B. Assad, Esq. – (401) 737-6200
  • Neville J. Bedford, Esq. – (401) 348-6723
  • Zachary A. Bourdony, Esq. – (401) 222-6607 ext. 2774909
  • Caitlin E. Cabral, Esq. – (401) 216-8028
  • Susan Leach DeBlasio, Esq. – (401) 274-7200
  • Kathleen G. Di Muro, Esq. – (401) 944-3110
  • Mary Cavanagh Dunn, Esq. – (401) 831-8900
  • Christy B. Durant, Esq. – (401) 272-5300
  • Cassandra L. Feeney, Esq. – (401) 455-3800
  • Brian D. Fogarty, Esq. – (401) 821-9945
  • Jenna Giguere, Esq. – (401) 451-9193
  • Derek M. Gillis, Esq. – (617) 654-8200
  • Stella Guerra, Esq. – (401) 559-6999
  • Adam M. Harrington, Esq. – (401) 636-2292
  • Laurie Horridge, Esq. – (401) 461-8848
  • Gina Maria Lemay, Esq. – (401) 861-2900
  • Nicholas Trott Long, Esq. – (401) 351-5070 (Chairperson)
  • Marissa L. Marandola, Esq. – (617) 880-4564
  • Genevieve M. Martin, Esq. – (401) 595-3024
  • Patricia A. McLaughlin, Esq. – (401) 996-6618
  • Henry S. Monti, Esq. – (401) 467-2300
  • Lauren E. Moore, Esq. – (401) 272-3500
  • Michael T. Napolitano, Esq. – (401) 464-9516
  • Erica S. Pistorino, Esq. – (617) 650-6337
  • Ashley D. Rozes, Esq. – (401) 286-9634

 All Contact is Completely Confidential