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RI Supreme Court Announces the Reopening of Two County Courthouses; RI District Court Administrative Order 2020-06; How to Locate People and Assets for Collections CLE Webinar

According to a news advisory from the RI Supreme Court, on Tuesday, September 8, the state courts will reopen two county courthouses that were closed five months ago in response to the COVID-19 public health crisis.
The courthouses are the McGrath Judicial Complex in Wakefield (Washington County) and the Murray Judicial Complex in Newport (Newport County), which have been closed to the public since April 1.
The courthouses will reopen with the same measures in place in Providence County and Kent County to limit crowds and encourage social distancing. Verbal health screenings will take place at courthouse entrances and cloth facial coverings will continue to be required in the buildings. The number of scheduled hearing has been reduced to minimize foot traffic. These steps are consistent with federal and state public health guidelines. Entry will be limited to persons with direct involvement in a court case. Please click here for the full news release.
Please click here for the RI District Court Administrative Order 2020-06 regarding eviction protocol. 
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