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Sign Up for 2024-2025 Bar Committees Today!


Registration for 20242025 Bar Committees is open, so sign up today! Active member involvement is the core of our Bar Association


Committee membership supports and strengthens our professional lives and builds relationships that unite our community. Bar committee participation is a great way for new lawyers to grow and advance professionally while benefiting from the experience and wisdom of other Bar members. Additionally, Bar committees often provide opportunities to meet and collaborate with members of the Judiciary on matters of importance. It is also the prime pathway to Bar leadership.


PLEASE NOTE: Even Bar members currently serving on Bar committees must reaffirm their interest by completing a committee registration form either online or by mail. Members interested in serving on a Bar committee receive the most benefit if they are active members, attend regular meetings, and participate in committee projects and events.


To register for a Bar committee for the July 1, 2024June 30, 2025 year, please click hereYou may either select the CLICK HERE TO JOIN A BAR COMMITTEE button and enter your Bar ID number and password, or you can download the Bar Committee Application form appearing above the committee names and mail or fax it to the Bar Association. Please only use one method to register to avoid duplication.