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Important Advisory Regarding BL Insurance Brokerage, LLC & Recent RI District Court Administrative Orders

Bar leadership has been made aware of the Massachusetts Board of Bar Overseers’ recent announcement regarding BL Insurance Brokerage, LLC and are conveying the same information to our members. Please note, attorneys who have their insurance policies through BL Insurance Brokerage, LLC (BL) should be aware that it has been reported that the brokerage has ceased operations and is no longer handling policies for its former clients. There have been reports indicating that certain policyholders have received notices of cancellation or non-renewal for their attorney malpractice coverage, attributed to premiums that have not been remitted to the insurer. If you obtained your malpractice insurance via BL Insurance, it is advisable to reach out directly to the insurer responsible for underwriting your professional malpractice policy. Confirming the status of your policy and ensuring there have been no interruptions is crucial.


For more information, please click here to read the Massachusetts Board of Bar Overseers’ recent notice.




Please click here to view RI District Court Administrative Order 2024-02 regarding confidential identification of victims of child molestation sexual assault.


Please click here to view RI District Court Administrative Order 2024-03 regarding the temporary transfer of Bristol and Warren Police Departments from Sixth Division District Court to Second Division District Court effective May 1, 2024.


Please click here to view RI District Court Administrative Order 2024-04 regarding the move of Barrington Police Departments Pretrials and Trials effective May 6, 2024.