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It's not ghosts and goblins that haunt our clients! Their legal issues are far more overwhelming and only your legal expertise can ease their fears. If you would be interested in taking one of the following cases for our neediest individuals and families, please contact John Ellis (Volunteer Lawyer Program) at 401-421-7758 or Elisa King (Elderly/Military Pro Bono Programs) at 401-521-5040, or via email at

If you are not already a member of a Bar Association Pro Bono Program and would like to become involved, please contact Susan Fontaine.

Mentors are available should you wish to accept a case outside of your area of practice.

Please note the highlighted cases are in need of immediate assistance.

Elderly Pro Bono


  • Statewide, VGP Guardianships (2) - The Office of Healthy Aging has sent over 2 guardianships in need of placement. The wards reside at Eastgate Nursing & Rehabilitation (East Providence), and Trinity Health Care (Woonsocket). Both wards have current DMATs and a volunteer guardian in place.
  • Johnston, Small Estate - Client needs to file small estate form in order to gain access to deceased wife's bank account. While he isn't sure of the exact amount he doesn't think its more and 1K.
  • Barrington, Will/POAs - Client would like to have simple Will/POAs drawn up.
  • Cumberland, POAs - Client would like to give POAs to daughter.
  • Hope Valley, Guardianship - RI Hospital has asked client to take guardianship of friend who has vascular dementia. The friend is estranged from his family and they have stated they don't wish to be involved. A current DMAT is available and guardianship is of the person only.
  • Cranston, Guardianship - Client needs to take guardianship of 29-year old autistic/nonverbal son in order to get him services. Doctor is working on DMAT. Client's wife/son's mother is deceased.


  • Providence, Landlord/Tenant/Collections - Client's landlord (her son) was using client's electric and racked up a $3.8k bill in client's name. She took him to small claims court but doesn't know what to do next. Landlord was charged with assaulting client and illegal eviction.


  • Newport, Bankruptcy - Client owes 6k in credit card debt and would like to file for bankruptcy. Client understands he is judgment proof but the collections calls are making him ill.
  • Cranston, Collections - Client received wage attachment notice in August. The notice did not state how much or who the client owes. Client is judgment proof and would like an attorney to contact the collection agency on her behalf.
  • North Providence, Collections - Client received collections summons stating that she had to go to court for debt. The notice didn't list who or how much client owed. She was scared and didn't go. Client owns no property and is on Social Security.
  • Hope Valley, Bankruptcy - Client racked up 44k in credit card debt helping her dying daughter and would like to file for bankruptcy.

Spanish Speaking - Interpreter Available

  • Providence, Guardianship – Client needs to take guardianship of profoundly autistic son who suffers from several other mental health issues. Mother has a current DMAT and father resides at Walter Reed in DC.
  • Providence, Guardianship - Client needs to take guardianship of severely disabled son (nonverbal, can't walk, uses feeding tube) who is turning 18 in November. Client has current DMAT and father lives in home.
  • Providence, Guardianship (minor) - Client needs to affirm guardianship she was granted of granddaughter in Puerto Rico. Both parents are deceased and maternal grandmother is in agreement.

US Armed Forces Legal Service Project

  • Providence, Child Support (License) - Disabled veteran lost his license due to owing back child support. He lost his job during the pandemic, became homeless and served 3 months in prison for a parole violation.  The client would like assistance in negotiating a payment plan so he can get his license back and get a job.
  • Middletown, Custody/Placement -  Client and children’s (boy 12, girl 11) mother would like to change the existing custody/placement agreement. Per the existing agreement, client has kids in the summer and mom has them during the school year (mom resides in St. Louis.) Mother called and said she is no longer able to take kids during the school year and for client to keep kids. The client wasn’t aware of any issues but was told that when the kids left St. Louis, their mother and her husband sold their home and moved into a 2-bedroom apartment. She says she can only take them in the summer.
  • Johnston, Will/POAs - Client and wife would like to have simple will and POAs drawn up.
  • North Providence, Will/POAs - Client would like to have simple will and POAs drawn up.
  • Bristol, Will/POAs - Client resides at Bristol Veterans Home and would like to have a simple will and POAs drawn up.

Volunteer Lawyer Program


  • Providence- Client from Providence would like guardianship of her son who has autism, and is non-verbal. A DMAT has been completed and indicates that son needs a legal guardian.
  • Providence- Spanish speaking client from Providence would like guardianship of her daughter who has severe intellectual disabilities. A DMAT has been completed and indicates that daughter needs a legal guardian. Client would be able to provide an interpreter.
  • Warren- Client from Warren would like guardianship of her son who has severe intellectual disabilities. A DMAT has been completed and it indicates that son should have a legal guardian.


  • The VLP has 8 clients who would like to file Chapter 7 bankruptcy to discharge their unsecured debt.


  • Providence Superior Court- Client never answered (claims she was never served) and defaulted earlier this month. She would like help navigating her way to a resolution of this collection matter, the result of an uninsured accident.

Family Law

  1. Divorce, not yet filed, Kent- Client is the wife. There are neither kids nor assets. The couple has been separated for 2 months.
  2. Divorce, not yet filed, Providence- Client is the wife. There are neither kids nor assets. The couple has been separated for 9 months.
  3. Divorce/Domestic Violence, not yet filed, Providence- Spanish speaking client wants to file for divorce. She has an RO against husband until September 2024. There ae neither kids nor assets.
  4. Divorce/Domestic Violence, not yet filed, Providence- Client is the wife. There is one child (8 months old) from the marriage and no assets. Husband was arrested in July for DV.
  5. Custody/DV, November 8th, Providence- Client is mother of a 4 years old child. She has a TRO against the child’s father who has been arrested for DV multiple times. He filed ex parte for sole custody alleging that client is abusive to child. His emergency motion was denied and a hearing was scheduled. He was arrested for violating RO on 10-13-23.
  6. Custody (post judgment), November 16th, Providence- Client is mother of 2 children (9 and 4 years old). Father filed for placement citing client’s living situation which he says is unstable. Client says housing is not unstable- she has been living in long term housing for DV survivors with her children for 4 years.
  7. Custody, November 16th, Providence- Client is mother of 7 month old child. Father filed for joint custody and visitation. Client is ok with both, but wants help negotiating a visitation schedule.
  8. Custody, December 4th, Providence- Client is mother of 2 year old child. She filed a motion for contempt because father of child never follows visitation and pick up schedule. He picks child up from day care on his off days and keeps him overnight when he is not schedule to.

Thank you for your never ending support!