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RI District Court Admin Order 2023-01 Regarding Attorney Fees in Eviction Cases; Call for Law Related Education Volunteers

Please click here to view RI District Court Admin Order 2023-01 regarding attorney fees in eviction cases. Effective immediately, attorney’s fees may be requested and granted in all Eviction Actions, in accordance with the law.

Save the date! Rhode Island Law Day is scheduled for Friday, May 5, 2023. The classroom program topic will be, Cornerstones of Democracy: Civics, Civility, and Collaboration. In recent years, tensions in our democratic system have revealed deep divisions in American society. These divisions are aggravated by incivility in public discourse and insufficient understanding among many people about the Constitution and the way American government works. Together, however, we can collaborate to overcome our differences, resolve our disputes, and preserve our democracy and republic. To that end, we call on members of the legal profession to lead the way in promoting civics, civility, and collaboration—the cornerstones of our democracy.
In addition to Rhode Island Law Day, the Association regularly receives requests from schools, non-profit organizations, and other institutions seeking volunteer attorneys from the Bar's Law Related Education (LRE) program. These requests are made through the Rhode Island Bar Association's Lawyers in the Classroom and Speakers Bureau programs. LRE volunteer participation times are generally limited to two hours. While most times are shorter, we do receive requests for longer programs. However, in all cases, the Bar checks with LRE volunteers to determine their interest before making any assignments. 
If you are interested in serving as an LRE volunteer, and even if you have previously served as LRE volunteer, we are asking you to complete the new application to ensure our database is current with your continuing interest. Please click here to sign up as a volunteer for the Bar's classroom-based and adult non-profit organization-based Law Related Education programs.