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Group Stage: Segmenting Email Lists Is Important

Nobody wants to spend a whole lot of time on contacts – even if they’re really important to effectively marketing a law practice.  I mean, yeah: it’s super easy to just cut and paste emails or phone numbers, as you acquire those, rather than making an extra effort to also grab additional information.  But, the more data related to your contacts that you can accrue, the better – because you’ll have more information about the kind of messaging you want to relay to those folks.  So, that begs the question: Which folks, exactly?

Ideally, your email (and text, etc. – if you’re using a marketing automation platform) marketing will be focused on specific groups, because the messaging for each of those groups will be varied.  For example, unless all you’re ever gonna do is a basic newsletter about your law firm, it would make sense that the kind of things you want to send to your existing clients, and your former clients, and other referral sources, likely including other attorneys and business owners, will all be different.

And, the way to make sure that the right people get the right message, is to create specific, segmented lists of your contacts.  Most marketing automation, email marketing and CRM tools allow you to generate contact groups, or to tag or label contacts.  So, creating the lists is relatively straightforward – most attorneys just don’t take the step to make this happen.

So, define the groups that you want to market to + label your contacts (featuring as much relevant information as you can acquire) to promote your services to the right people, with the right content.

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