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Red Cave Consulting Law Practice Management Tip

Pick a Winner: Don't Take on Too Many Social Channels At Once

When lawyers get excited about content marketing prospects, they get really keyed up to add social channels.  And, that’s a great idea.  Because it’s true that, the more social channels you have, the better – since the more places your profile and content exists, the broader your reach becomes.

That being said, you don’t need to add social channels for the sake of adding social channels – especially when you’re getting started.

Instead, focus on the social media programs you already use.  If you’re active on Facebook, start there.  Or, if you like Twitter best, tweet away.  Even moving forward, if you can identify a primary social channel, that is extremely useful, because you can use it to earmark helpful content from others that you can repost later.  That, and you can also reshare your own content to other platforms, by designing your posts in the one platform that you prefer most.  And, with tools like HootSuite and Buffer, you can schedule posts across social media channels via a single interface.

Ships have anchors; but, so do content marketing programs.

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