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Red Cave Consulting Law Practice Management Tip

That's Refreshing: When Did You Last Revise Your Law Firm Templates?

It’s hard enough running a law firm, without having to schedule time and effort to revise the templates you use in your law practice.  So, most lawyers don’t take the time to do it at all.  Or, they only update their templates when there has been a major statutory change.  Or, they have to do it when they make the (wise) decision to adopt a document assembly program.

Of course, that may mean that there is a large time break between updates, and that your documents may get stale.  Even if you’re not technically misinterpreting the law, because you’re updating for statutory and case law changes, you may not be implementing best practices in document drafting at all times, if your editing process only comes around every decade or half-decade, potentially via one of the forcing functions described above.

So, it makes better sense to update your substantive legal document templates on at least a yearly or biannual basis, rather than allowing them to stagnate for a longer term.

Of course, you may not only be using substantive document templates; it may be that you’re also using templates in other areas (like for email marketing messages, or for case closing procedures) – and, you should update those on the same schedule, in order to ensure that your messaging does not become stale.

Templates are phenomenal for managing processes; but, the rub is that they need to be updated on a recurring basis, in order to be effective.

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If you want to talk about better refining your law firm processes, you know who to call.

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