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Everything, Everywhere, All At Once: Lead Tracking Can Be for Anything Now
With the ubiquity of cloud software and sophistication in legal marketing on the rise, there is not a single thing you can’t track as a law firm, when it comes to marketing.
First off, every web marketing campaign, from SEO to social media ads, come with identifiable criteria, that allows attorneys to track for ‘lead sources’, as well as for specific marketing campaigns. You can even track phone calls via lead source and campaign, using a software like Call Rail.
Now, even if you do get walk-ins, who have no attachment to the internet whatsoever, in having come in to see you – you can still capture that data online/electronically, by using an intake form or a chat, to have the lead complete on their smartphone, on a tablet, or with the assistance of your staff. Just ask them how they found you, and give them lots of options across default or custom form fields.
So, if you’re thinking that it’s really tough to determine return on investment for your marketing efforts, you can do it! And, it all starts with lead tracking.
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