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Judicial Nominating Commission Notice of Judicial Vacancy; Scam Emails Reminder

The Judicial Nominating Commission of Rhode Island seeks candidates for the following vacancy:
Associate Judge of the Rhode Island Workers’ Compensation Court 
To start the application process, interested qualified applicants should go to and click on the link entitled "Begin Application Process."  Applications must be submitted electronically.  Paper applications will not be accepted, and the commission strongly recommends the submission of all letters of recommendation by email.  
The deadline for filing applications with the Commission is 5:00 p.m. on Thursday, September 16, 2021.  No applications received after the deadline will be considered.  Please note that once a candidate has submitted all required application materials, they must notify the ‎Commission Legal Assistant by email (  A candidate’s application will ‎not be considered complete until the Commission Legal Assistant has received the confirmation ‎email from the candidate.
If you have any questions about the application process, please call Chairperson, Krystle Tadesse at (401) 528-5873, e-mail her at or log on to for more information.
The Judicial Nominating Commission encourages qualified applicants who will reflect racial, ethnic and gender diversity within the judiciary.

We would like to remind Bar members to be diligent when it comes to recognizing scam emails.
One particular phishing scam involves emails, purportedly sent from me as Bar President or other officers, circulated to several members of the Bar. If you receive an email from myself or another officer that you were not expecting and which comes from a strange email address (the emails are spoofed, but if you hover over the sender's name you can sometimes see that the address does NOT actually belong to the sender), please do not respond to the email or click on any links; delete the email immediately. These emails often ask the person receiving the email if they are "free at the moment." When the receiver responds, the scammer asks the receiver to procure several gift cards for the sender as a favor. Please be advised that the president of the Bar Association would never send emails of this nature to members.
Another scam that has been brought to our attention involves clients purportedly from another country or the other side of the country, contacting attorneys seeking a civil litigator/strong advocate in Rhode Island Superior Court. Thankfully, the RIBA member who was contacted did their due diligence and researched the company listed in the email before responding, and found the company was nonexistent. We advise Bar members to always exercise caution and perform due diligence before accepting new cases and performing financial transactions.