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Casemaker’s Suite of Premium Services Free to Bar Members

The Rhode Island Bar Association is proud to offer Casemaker's suite of premium services at no additional cost to our members. Rhode Island Bar Association members have access to not only Casemaker's broad and comprehensive libraries which cover all 50 states and Federal level materials, but members also have access to a suite of tools that make research faster and easier.

A negative citator system that lets you know instantly if the case you're reading is still good law. CaseCheck+ returns treatments instantly as you research. Link to negative treatments and quickly review the citation history for both state and federal cases.

Upload a brief or pleading and within 90 seconds Casemaker will provide a report stating whether your case citations continue to be good law.

Casemaker Digest
Daily summary of appellate decisions for all state and all federal circuits, categorized by subject. Casemaker Digest will email or send you an RSS feed of the latest cases in your selected jurisdictions and subject areas of interest.