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Introducing CorpCare - the Bar’s NEW Lawyer Assistance Program

Your Bar Association is proud to offer you free and confidential help, information, assessment, and referral for personal concerns through our long-standing Lawyers Helping Lawyers Program (LHL). In addition to the LHL program, the Association recently contracted with CorpCare - a lawyer assistance program that provides professional clinical assessments and facilitates getting appropriate treatment for Bar members free of charge.

The professionals at CorpCare provide confidential consultation for a wide range of personal concerns including (but not limited to): balancing work and family, child and eldercare, depression, anxiety, domestic violence, aging, grief, career satisfaction, alcohol and substance abuse, and problem gambling.

Everyone occasionally experiences problems. The CorpCare helpline provides counseling resources that quickly and professionally assist you in handling problems affecting your personal or work life. Why allow problems to weigh you down? Completely confidential help is just a call away. Counselors answer the phone 24/7 to provide immediate support and assistance. Simply pick up the telephone and call 866-482-8378 for confidential, round the clock support. Virtual telehealth consultations with a counselor are available upon request.

What Services Does the CorpCare Helpline Offer?

  • Up to eight professional and confidential counseling sessions
  • Work-life programs that include eldercare referrals, childcare referrals, and assistance with financial referrals
  • 24/7/365 availability of Master’s level therapists

Online resources are also available to Rhode Island Bar members. Bar members can access these resources by visiting: Client Resources | CorpCare Associates, Inc. ( and enter the Life Advantages code: RIBALAP. In order to better prepare yourself for all the challenges you face, visit the CorpCare website today to view a wide variety of resources that can help educate and enlighten you in all major life areas.

Whatever the problem, you do not have to manage alone. Help is just a call away! Call 866-482-8378 to reach a CorpCare counselor today.


Lawyers Helping Lawyers Committee Members Protect Your Privacy
Please contact us for strictly confidential, free, peer and professional

assistance for your personal challenges.             

·     Brian Adae, Esq. – (401) 831-3150
·     David N. Bazar, Esq. – (401) 437-4450
·     Neville J. Bedford, Esq. – (401) 348-6723
·     Susan Leach DeBlasio, Esq. – (401) 274-7200
·     Misty Delgado, Esq. – (401) 572-1464
·     Kathleen G. Di Muro, Esq. – (401) 944-3110
·     Christy B. Durant, Esq. – (401) 272-5300
·     Cassandra L. Feeney, Esq. – (401) 521-6100
·     Brian D. Fogarty, Esq. – (401) 821-9945
·     Jenna Giguere, Esq. – (401) 451-9193
·     Casey J. Lee, Esq. – (401) 400-4005
·     Alexandra L. Lister, Esq. – (401) 621-4140
·     Nicholas Trott Long, Esq. – (401) 351-5070 (Chairperson)
·     Genevieve M. Martin, Esq. – (401) 595-3024
·     Patricia A. McLaughlin, Esq. – (401) 996-6618
·     Henry S. Monti, Esq. – (401) 467-2300
·     Adrienne G. Southgate, Esq. – (401) 680-5331
·     Elizabeth Stone, Esq. – (401) 533-9524
·     Dana N. Weiner, Esq. – (401) 265-2751
·     Counselors at CorpCare – 866-482-8378

All Contact Completely Confidential