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2022 Well-Being Week in Law Day Five

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Well-Being Week in Law

Day Five

Thank you for joining us for Well-Being Week in Law! Check out our last round of tips, podcasts, and more below! Don't forget to join us for our final non-credit program today at 11:00am with Niraj Chhabra & Ian Murray!

Friday, May 6, 11:00am – 12:00pm

Financial Planning 101

Niraj Chhabra & Ian Murray


Take control of your financial future and reduce your stress! This program, designed for attorneys of all ages, reviews critical facets for organizing your finances and maximizing your long-term financial health. Whether you are juggling student loans, mortgages, or saving for retirement, you’ll learn tips to help you improve your financial health.

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LISTEN TO THIS: The Amazing Impact of Self Talk and How to Master It, 1:07 hr, podcast interview of Dr. Ethan Kross, author of bestseller Chatter: The Voice in Our Head, Why It Matters, and How to Harness It.


READ THIS: You’ve Done Self Care. You’ve Languished. Now Try This, by Brad Stulberg. As the pandemic slogs on, many of us want to feel motivated and get unstuck. An evidence-based practice called behavioral activation—committing to engaging in valued and enjoyable activities—might help.


DO THIS: Vanquish Languishing. After reading the article above, check out the Vanquishing 

Languishing Activity Guide. It offers guidance on how to use behavioral activation strategies to incorporate more enjoyable and valued activities

into your life to foster greater engagement and vitality.

"Let's not forget that the little emotions are the great captains of our lives and we obey them without realizing it." - Vincent Van Gogh

Path to Well-Being in Law Podcast



In Episode 5, Bree and Chris look at the judge side of the equation with a recognized leader in our space and fellow member of the National Task Force on Lawyer Well-Being.  Judge David Shaheed is a judge in the Marion Superior Court, Civil 1. He came into that position in August of 2007. Prior to that, Judge Shaheed preceded over the Drug Treatment Diversion Court and Re-entry Court. He served on the Court Alcohol and Drug Programs Advisory Committee and was former chair of the Problem-Solving Courts Committee for the Judicial Conference of Indiana. In addition to serving on the Judges and Lawyers Assistance Program in Indiana, he’s a former member of the ABA’s Commission on Lawyer’s Assistance Programs and former co-chair of the Judicial Assistance Initiative for CoLAP.

Listen Here

Materials from USI

USI is the Rhode Island Bar Association's relationship administrator with Blue Cross Blue Shield and Delta Dental. On the last day of Well-Being Week in Law we are focusing on preventive care!


Preventive Care

Preventive Care Checklist

Keep Up With Your Preventive Care

Cancer Prevention

31- Day Mental Health Challenge in May

We encourage all of you to participate in May's

31 Day Mental Health Challenge! Each day has a new suggestion

and tip - challenge yourself to participate for all 31 days!

Step it Up Contest!

Today's the last day!


Do you have Fitbit or other step tracker? We’re having a step-it-up contest where the three members with the most recorded steps during Well-Being Week can win great health-related prizes! Just track your steps each day during Well-Being Week, and email us a photo of your device showing the total number of steps you recorded at the end of each day, every day this week. We’ll total your steps and reward the top three steppers!