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‘Bunker Mentality: Law Firms Cannot Stop Innovating Now’
Stop me if you’ve heard this before; but, COVID protocols are coming down everywhere across the world, as we cross into the Spring, and hopefully move from pandemic to endemic stage.
During the pendency of the pandemic, law firms were forced to innovate. Some did so gladly; some had already made moves; others applied what they felt were short-term, emergency solutions, and were looking forward to moving back to the status quo, as soon as possible.
That third option, is what concerns me now: those law firm owners, who are ready to pull back the curtain to reveal 2019 all over again -- they haven’t learned the business lessons of the COVID pandemic.
You can’t just try to force people to work in an office all day, every workday based solely on your weak arguments for the need for in-person communication. The last two years have been a litmus test for why that line of thinking is antiquated, and also utterly false.
You can’t go back to making people come into your office to hand you a check. The convenience economy was here before the pandemic, and is going to outlast it.
You can’t ratchet back your technology spend, and go back to the inefficient models you’ve run in the past.
Your law firm has to look and feel different to appeal to the young, talented attorneys who will be the lifeblood of your practice moving forward.
There is no going backward now; and, that’s a good thing.
Want to make sure your recent innovations stick, and ensure that you don’t backslide? We can help.
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