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Red Cave Consulting Law Practice Management Tip

‘All-Star Game: How to Better Leverage Technology in Your Law Firm’
Lawyers are generally not super tech-savvy. And, that’s not meant as a slight to attorneys. Lawyers are just busy with substantive work. And so, attorneys often lean on staff to assist with technology matters. But, they do that in a way that is ad hoc, most often – which is how just about everything is done in law firms.
You can’t figure out something in your email, so you ask your admin to help. And, that’s the end.
The next time something comes up, you just grab whoever is near at hand, to assist.
But, what if you had a staffperson who was a tech all-star, was great at troubleshooting, willing to help others, and held an intimate understanding of law firm technology. Wouldn’t it be better to leverage that person more aggressively? Perhaps even have them own that role within the law firm?
Maybe you are lucky enough to have two or more all-star staff, who can help you to manage technology in your law firm. One could work in the customer relationship management software, the other could work in the law practice management software, etc. You could choose one of those folks to oversee the data management plan for your firm.
And, if you wanted to take this to the next level, you could do what only very few law firms have been brave enough to even try at this point – hire someone into the role of a technology manager. That person may be a lawyer or a non-lawyer. But, that role is often left unfulfilled in the law office.
Sometimes, as it turns out, you can throw people at the problem.
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