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Soliciting Bar Member Response to Proposed Alternative Dispute Resolution Committee

After reviewing a Rhode Island Bar Association member request, the Bar’s Executive Committee is interested in learning of any Bar members interested in joining, and regularly attending meetings for, a proposed Alternative Dispute Resolution Committee. This Committee would seek the participation of all interested members of the Bar to educate members, practitioners, and users of ADR, including supporting education for our members; reviewing and discussing ethical rule issues; encouraging public education regarding the nature and benefits of the dispute resolution processes and how to utilize them; and discussing best practices for neutrals and practitioners alike. At least thirty members must volunteer to serve on the committee which would be formed on an ad hoc basis for at least two years to determine if interest is sustainable. A chairperson will then be appointed by the President. If the Committee is active for two years, the House of Delegates will consider establishing a standing committee consistent with the Bar’s bylaws.

Bar members interested in joining the proposed Alternative Dispute Resolution Committee are asked to contact Rhode Island Bar Association Membership Services Coordinator Sherilyn Gutierrez by email: no later than January 31, 2022.