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RI Superior Court Settlement Week

RI Superior Court Settlement Week 

According to a notice sent from RI Superior Court Presiding Justice Alice B. Gibney, the RI Superior Court will conduct Settlement Week in the Frank Licht Judicial Complex during the week of December 13, 2021 from Monday through Wednesday.

The Court is pleased to welcome attorneys back to the 4th Floor of the Courthouse to conduct mediations in person. Only those cases in which clients’ availability and willingness to negotiate have been confirmed will be mediated. Clients and those with settlement authority must be present. Lien holders must be informed by counsel of the mediation session and should also be available for purposes of negotiation.

The Mediation Submission Form must be signed by counsel for all active parties involved with a case.  Please review the Mediation Submission Form carefully and note that all information must be complete and accurate in order to schedule a matter. Submission Forms must be electronically filed no later than November 1, 2021; a one-page case summary of each party's position is required by November 10th. Please use the code “Mediation Submission Form” (or “Mediation Summary” as applicable) when e-filing and indicate in the comment box if you are filing for the Plaintiff or Defendant. Further, when filing a Mediation Submission Form please ensure that all opposing counsel have agreed to participate and have been certified. It is imperative that the proper codes be used when filing electronically.

Cases that are not properly submitted will not be scheduled for mediation. Should you have any questions please contact Mary Smith in the Arbitration Office at 401-222-6147.