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RI District Court Revised Administrative Order 2021-05 Regarding Updated Eviction Protocol; Update on RIBA’s Transition from Casemaker to Fastcase

Please click here to view the revised RI District Court Administrative Order 2021-05 regarding updated eviction protocol. 

The Rhode Island Bar Association transitioned from Casemaker to the Fastcase platform on August 17th, due to the two companies merging in January of 2021. After the transition was complete, it was brought to our attention that data that was available on Casemaker was not available in Fastcase as promised. Fastcase informed us that they experienced unforeseen technical issues moving this data over to the Fastcase platform. 

We understand that this caused issues for many of our members who rely on this important member benefit to conduct research in your daily practices. We want to inform you that RIBA members once again have access to both platforms while the Fastcase team works to move the data from Casemaker over to Fastcase. 
To access either platform, connect to the Rhode Island Bar Association website at as you always have. Sign in using your Bar ID and password, and click on the Fastcase logo. You will be taken to a page where you have the option to start using Fastcase or continue to use Casemaker. If you choose to start using Fastcase, you will be redirected to its legal research platform.
We encourage you to start using Fastcase and explore the platform. To help ease your transition, visit the Fastcase Resource Library where you can access tutorial videos, register for training webinars, and find answers to your questions. A recent addition to the Resource Library are two guides (Casemaker4 to Fastcase & Casemaker Legal to Fastcase) where users familiar with Casemaker can see how the same functions work in Fastcase.  
Casemaker and Fastcase compiled a number of frequently asked questions in the Fastcase Resource Library. If you have any more questions, see the contact information for Fastcase below. 
Phone: 866-773-2782