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RI District Court Administrative Order 2021-03 Regarding Updated Criminal Calendars Protocol; Mental Health Resources

Please click here to view the RI District Court Administrative Order 2021-03 regarding updated criminal calendars protocol effective July 1, 2021. 


As pandemic restrictions continue to decrease, we understand many of our members are preparing to return to their physical offices and might be struggling with the thought of having to leave the safety of home to go work in an environment that’s filled with so many uncertainties. If you are struggling with the transition, we want to remind you of a valuable member benefit available to you free of charge. Members of the Bar’s Lawyers Helping Lawyers Committee are available to speak with you CONFIDENTIALLY. Committee members will listen to your concerns, share their experiences, and offer advice and support. Visit the Bar's Lawyers Helping Lawyers page for more information, and scroll down the page for a list of members ready and willing to listen.
If you feel you need professional assistance, Coastline EAP is a private, non-profit consulting service contracted by the Association who can assist you at no charge. The professionals at Coastline EAP provide confidential consultations for a wide range of personal concerns including (but not limited to): balancing work and family, child and eldercare, depression, anxiety, domestic violence, aging, grief, career satisfaction, alcohol and substance abuse, and problem gambling. You can contact Coastline EAP at 1-800-445-1195 and identify yourself as a RI Bar member seeking help. You can also visit Coastline EAP’s website to take advantage of a multitude of resources and free webinars.