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Off Day: Lawyers Never Stop Working, But They Should 
Many people have a vision of white color workers sitting in comfortable office spaces . . .when they’re not golfing. Small business owners cry foul. 
The fact of the matter is that most small business owners are working all the time: at night, before dawn, on the weekends. Running a business is hard. 
But, eventually, everybody runs down. Either you give yourself time and space, or your body forces you into it. 
Statistically, the more you work past the traditional number of weekly work hours, the more negative effects you accrue. The fact is, if you work too much, if you work too often, you’re less effective. 
Of course, it’s tough to get started down another path, because there’s always the next thing to do -- that’s how high achievers are wired. 
So, where do you begin? 
Start by scheduling one day off a week. Your goal will then be to make that a habit. Taking a day to refresh and relax is essential, in a stress-filled world. 
Hey, what are you doing this Saturday? That’s right: nothing. 
. . . 
If you need to get your schedule right, give us a call. 
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