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Spam Emails Impersonating Bar President and Incoming Bar President

It has come to our attention that spam emails, purportedly sent from David Bazar as Bar President as well as from Richard D'Addario (who takes over as Bar President tomorrow), have been circulated to several members of the Bar. If you receive any email from David or Richard that you were not expecting and which comes from a strange email address, please do not respond to the email or click on any links; delete the email immediately. David and Richard's IT people are working to ensure their email accounts are secure, though it appears that the accounts have not been hacked, and the scammer is simply impersonating members of the Bar's leadership.

The recent scam emails ask the person receiving the email if they are "free at the moment." When the receiver responds, the scammer asks the receiver to procure several gift cards for the sender as a favor. Please be advised that the president of the Bar Association would never send emails of this nature to members.