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2022 Law Day Resources

2022 RI Law Day Resources

The 2022 Law Day resources and lesson guides provide valuable information for teachers on how to plan, organize, and host a successful Law Day event by implementing the 2022 Law Day theme, Toward a More Perfect Union: The Constitution in Times of Change.

These discussion resources provide lawyers, judges, teachers, and other civic leaders with the resources needed to have an engaging discussion with students or the public on the fundamentals of the separation of powers.

Discussion Resources:
Changing the Constitution – Formally and Informally: As the Law Day 2022 theme notes, defining and refining the words of the Constitution might be our oldest national tradition. Throughout our nation’s history, we have changed the Constitution through many different avenues and for a plethora of reasons and causes.

What is Power Under the Rule of Law?: Under the rule of law, power is the sovereign will of the people expressed as non-arbitrary laws that—theoretically, if not perfectly in practice— apply to everyone equally. This sovereign power also limits the exercise of governmental power so that it does not exceed the authority granted to it by the people.

How the Rule of Law Has Shaped and Continues to Shape America: The Rule of Law permeates all aspects of American life.  For example, we have traffic laws that let us know who has the right of way and we have environmental laws and regulations that tell us what we are allowed to put into the ground, air and water.

Lesson Plans:
Changing the Constitution—Formally and Informally- Middle/High School: After exploring the procedure to formally amend the Constitution as set out in Article V, students will then work in small groups to learn about three examples of “informal” changes to the Constitution: federal legislation, US Supreme Court cases, and interstate compacts.

Working Toward Justice: Learning about Legal Changemakers- Elementary/ Middle School: Students will discuss individuals who have worked to effect legal change, and what those changes mean for their community, and our society.

Law Day 2022—Toward a More Perfect Union: The Constitution in Times of Change Lesson Plan—High School: This lesson uses an organizational chart of the federal government to discuss what the administrative state within the federal government is and does, compares “lawmaking” and “rulemaking” processes, and introduces academic debates surrounding the administrative state and the Constitution.

Writing and Talking Points for the Law Day Theme