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02/18/2019 -Bar members are entitled to FREE virtual consultations with Red Cave Law Firm Consulting. Red Cave will assist you with issues such as billing & collection, client relations, data management, financial management & revenue goals, marketing, social media content, office technology, time management, and disaster prevention & recovery. Check out Red Cave’s weekly law practice management tip below!

Trinity - The Three Software Tools Modern Law Firms Run On

If you’re a lawyer, law firm software is everywhere. Make one online search for the term, and you’re caught up in the vortex of SEO -- you’ll be served law firm software advertisements wherever you go online, from now until the end of time. I get how that can be annoying -- but, the point remains that law firms using the right software are more efficient, and make more money. So, it’s all kind of like that little voice in your head that tells you not to have the cheesecake -- obnoxious, yet bitingly correct.

So, even as you know you should probably be upgrading your software stack, it’s tough to swim through all of the sales pitches, and to wade through the multitudes of options available to you..... click here to read more.

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