A Reminder Regarding Email Viruses and Scams

02/12/2019 -As Bar members are frequently finding themselves the victims of email viruses, the following is a helpful reminder to avoid malware and other threats.

Do not open email attachments or click on links from people and businesses you do not recognize. If you know the sender, do not click on a link or open an attachment that has a strange name or is not referenced in the email; it may have been transmitted automatically without the sender’s knowledge.

Even when the message appears to be from a genuine sender it is always better to exercise caution in choosing whether to open a link; do not open any attachment, even from trusted sources, unless it is an attachment that you specifically expect. If you do not expect it, take a moment to confirm with the sender that they did in fact send the attachment and that it is not infected. 

Never reply to a spam message as this lets the sender know that it is an active account. Delete spam, chain, and other junk e-mail without forwarding it.