Consider Taking a Pro Bono Case!

03/22/2018 - Providing critically needed service through either the Volunteer Lawyer Program, Pro Bono Program for the Elderly or US Armed Forces Legal Project brings great personal satisfaction. Please consider taking one of our new pro bono cases, listed below!

Elderly Pro Bono - Pawtucket, Foreclosure/Eviction (tenant)
Client and roommates are tenants in a foreclosed property and have been given a 20 Day Demand Notice. Property was foreclosed last August and client didn’t know where to send rent.  When the bank finally contacted them in January they paid the back rent (5 months.)  Were told by bank they could stay as long as the rent remained current but are now being evicted.  (Referred by Office of the Mental Health Advocate.)

US Armed Forces Legal Services Project - Woonsocket, Foreclosure Prevention (Chapter 13)-
Client is one year behind on mortgage.  He fell behind when he got sick and lost his job.  Client attempted to make arrangement with bank to catch up, but they demanded the whole amount ($14k.)  Bank has now sent the client a 20 day notice of foreclosure.  Client is now employed.