Rhode Island Bar Journal Lauren E. Jones Writing Award

07/03/2019 -Established in 1986, Rhode Island Bar Journal Lauren E. Jones, Esq. Writing Award authors are selected on the basis of: 1) presentation clarity; grammar; organization and need for editorial revisions; 2) article interest and information presentation; 3) information usefulness for the practice of law, presentation of an important legal issue and timeliness; and 4) accuracy and depth of research and information provided.

Gary R. Pannone, Esq., of Pannone, Lopes, Devereaux & O'Gara, LLC, and Samantha M. Vasques, Esq. of Locke Lord, LLP, received the 2019 Rhode Island Bar Journal Lauren E. Jones, Esq. Writing Award for their article, Married, But Not Certified: An Overview of the Rhode Island MBE/WBE Certification Process and Its Application to Married Women, published in the Rhode Island Bar Journal: Volume 67, Number 2, September/October 2018.

The Editors and Editorial Board of the Rhode Island Bar Journal congratulate Attorneys Pannone and Vasques and strongly encourage all Rhode Island Bar Association members to read the Article Selection Criteria included in every issue of the Rhode Island Bar Journal. Based on those guidelines, please submit articles for consideration to: Rhode Island Bar Journal Editor Kathleen Bridge via email: kbridge@ribar.com.  For information, telephone (401) 421-5740.

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