Problems and Solutions When Handling a Criminal Case - LIVE WEBCAST
Additional Information:
At this program, attendees, using real-life scenarios, learn how to rapidly, accurately, and ethically recognize and resolve commonly occurring problems both in a law office and in the field during a criminal defense case investigation.

The topics discussed include:
  • Who in your office can prepare legal documents and give advice?
  • What is obstruction of justice?
  • What information can be disclosed to the client’s family?
  • Can the attorney/client confidentiality be broken?
  • The duty to investigate and the top 10 best practice tips
  • Dealing with third-party witnesses and lawyers as a witness
  • Handling evidence
  • And more.

Attend this lunchtime program and ensure you are doing all you can to defend your client. Sign up today.

Michael A. DiLauro, Esq.
Christopher W. Cutler

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Event Date: 12/12/2019
Event Time: 12:00 PM - 3:00 PM
Live Webcast

Event Cost:
  Member $155.00
  New Lawyer Division $140.00

Credit Hours:
  Ethics 2 hrs
  General 1 hrs