POSTPONED - Preparing a Cybersecurity Risk Mitigation Plan - Part Two - LIVE WEBCAST
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The second of this three-part series explains in-depth what a cybersecurity risk mitigation plan is, how it reduces your risk exposure and provides instructions for creating a risk mitigation plan for your office.

Putting in place the most effective technology protections is essential, but does not ensure your cybersecurity. Crafting a risk mitigation plan is crucial for all businesses—especially lawyers and law firms, which possess valuable information and are targeted by cyber criminals. Risk mitigation plans identify threats to an organization’s business systems, networks and data, and address the vulnerabilities and most likely vectors of attack. Risk mitigation plans include steps to create a culture of cybersecurity, identify policies and procedures to protect the organization such as ongoing awareness training, identify legal compliance standards, evaluate third party contracts that create additional risk exposure and employ metrics to measure risk mitigation efforts.

Getting caught without a cyber risk mitigation plan can seriously destroy your reputation and career. Sign up today.

Jeffrey Padwa, Esq.
Jason Albuquerque, CCISO-CGCIO

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Event Date: 9/18/2019
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