How to ‘Win’ at Mediation
Additional Information:
In response to litigants’ demand and expectation for speedier, less expensive resolution of claims, mediation has emerged as a preferred alternative to the time-burdened system of court litigation.

This process offers the ability to effectively resolve disputes in an expeditious fashion, without the costs associated with trial, the retention of experts and related, but substantial court fees. In addition, mediation offers an opportunity to bring to conclusion contested disputes and settle without the risks attendant to trial. Successful mediations save time, money and costs. This program will present a general, as well as specific discussion of current mediation practices and strategies. Commencing with the decision to mediate and continuing to ultimate settlement and closure, the presenters will provide keys to an effective mediation process. The presenters will offer their insights on issues relevant to a successful mediation, including the initiation of the mediation, as well as preparation and participation in the mediation process. Finally, the program will address techniques and strategies critical to a successful mediation as well as practices which should be avoided.

Honorable Frank J. Williams, Chief Justice (Ret.)
William A. Poore, Esq.
Event Date: 5/21/2019
Event Time: 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Rhode Island Law Center, 41 Sharpe Drive, Cranston

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  Member $135.00
  New Lawyer Division $125.00

Credit Hours:
  Ethics 0.5 hrs
  General 1.5 hrs