Trust Us: Key Drafting Considerations and Ideas for Modern Wills and Trusts - IN PERSON
Additional Information:
This seminar will help planners answer the age-old question, "Do I need a trust?", by analyzing the differences between wills and trusts and reviewing situations that warrant the use of each.

The program will also feature a discussion of key provisions for both wills and trusts, and the tax planning opportunities available to the savvy estate planner. In the process, the speakers will discuss several options for structuring modern wills and trusts, as well as potential pitfalls to avoid.

By the end of this program, attendees will be able to:

  • Design trusts to ensure that clients take advantage of the increased federal estate tax exemption and the (generally) lower state estate tax exemption;
  • Update older estate plans that are no longer effective or efficient in light of the 2017 changes to the tax code;
  • Understand the importance of cost basis and other income tax implications when drafting, funding and distributing trusts;
  • Choose the appropriate trust for creditor protection purposes and explain the nuances of asset protection options to clients; and
  • Coordinate trusts with life insurance policies, retirement accounts and other beneficiary designated assets.

    Joshua R. Caswell, Esq.,
    Leigh E. Furtado, Esq.
Event Date: 3/12/2019
Event Time: 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Rhode Island Law Center, 41 Sharpe Drive, Cranston

Event Brochures:
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Event Cost:
  Member $135.00
  New Lawyer Division $125.00

Credit Hours:
  Ethics 0.5 hrs
  General 1.5 hrs