Bar List Serve Sign-Up

The Bar Association’s new, voluntary, free list serve is now available for all actively practicing Rhode Island attorney members. To date, the list serve has over 500 members, with new sign-ups every day. With this momentum, and active participation on the rise, I urge you to consider joining today!
Having a Bar-wide list serve gives you immediate, 24/7, open-door access to the knowledge and experience of hundreds of Rhode Island lawyers, whether you are a solo or in a firm. If you have a question about matters relating to your practice of law, you can post the question on the List Serve, and it will be emailed to all list serve members. Any attorney who wishes to provide advice or guidance can (and hopefully will) quickly respond.
For example, do you have a question about how to handle a tax or other appeal? Draft a particular document? Post your question and the appropriate list serve members will respond. Do you need an immediate recommendation for a computer expert? Post a request and other attorneys will let you know about consultants they have worked with. Having trouble locating a statute or a case on a particular matter? Post the question and you will likely get fast help.
All you need to do to access to this free member benefit is agree to the Bar list serve rules, which you can access by logging to the Members Only section of the website, by clicking here.